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MultiSort Sign Holders

The key to a best practice recycling program is effective well-designed infrastructure, clear educational messages and user engagement.

Whilst standard educational signs are effective, customising the information to the specific waste items and recoverable streams present at the location improves results. Better still, having users involved in the creation of recycling signs can be an effective strategy to enhance engagement, improve understanding and so reduce contamination.

These sign holders are designed specifically for our MultiSort Range. Design your own signs or use our Free School Recycling Signs Template.

The MultiSort Sign Holder is an effective solution ensuring you can easily design your own signs or use customised inserts which mirror your existing educational information and branding.

The Sign Holders are made of a durable transparent Polycarb material, which folds over to protect the educational inserts on both sides. The inserts simply slide into place, ensuring they can be easily updated as required.

If customisation is not required, our team also stock a range of standard sign options, designed by our local industry experts. All educational options are designed in the Australian Standard Waste Colours, integrating environmental images with text and graphical information about each specific waste stream. There are a range of formats and sizes to choose from.

The classic Wall Posters are an eye catching and cost-effective option. These full colour graphics are printed on 150gsm art paper with a gloss coating for durability. They simply attach to the wall behind your recycling station with blue tack.

The durable MultiSort Polycarb Signs are designed to be fixed to our popular MultiSort units, providing additional educational information about the correct items for each stream.

The Arch Stickers were initially designed to use with our Pedal Bin range. However, they have also been used extensively on a range of products by customers seeking to provide consistent messaging across a diverse range of bins. They are available in the full range of standard waste options in both the standard size or large strip option.

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These MultiSort Sign Holders ensure you can customise your own signs, which are specifically designed to reflect the common waste items at the location of each recycling station, and address any identified contamination risks.

A perfect option for those looking to achieve optimal resource recovery.

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Which MultiSort Sign Holder should you choose?