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Retrofit Recycling Solutions - Source Separation Systems
Retrofit Recycling Solutions - Source Separation Systems

Retrofit Recycling Solutions

Achieving leadership in waste diversion is impossible without best practice recycling infrastructure, which has been considered in the context of the space, and is supported by back of house systems. However that doesn’t mean you have to start again, or sacrifice style!

Let our team lead you through a review to see how retrofitted best practise features may be able to transform and build on your existing infrastructure, to achieve a recycling solution which effectively works!


We listen while you outline your current challenges and goals.

Once engaged, we visit you onsite to discuss in more detail your current infrastructure. We take time to learn about your unique space, the waste streams present, traffic flow, waste generation points, and back of house processes. Our aim is to assess why your current system isn’t achieving benchmark results.


Our strength is in our uniquely specialised, diverse team.

Each brings their expert skills, whilst sharing a passion for sustainability and extensive experience in waste diversion systems. From graphic designers and educational specialists, to sheet metal manufacturers and expert joiners, from behavioural experts to industrial designers, our team come together to discuss your space, waste streams and challenges, providing a unique end to end view, which ensures we can develop a best practice solution which will transform your current waste practices.


In context, our proposed solution is presented for your approval.

After years of experience in the industry, we understand just how important best practice recycling features are, and how they can be integrated into solutions whilst still complementing the aesthetic of your space. We also work with you to ensure you have the right capacity in optimised locations, with efficient back of house systems. To achieve leadership in waste diversion, the entire context of your design needs to be considered.


Your solution is born in the hands of our perfectionists in Newcastle.

Your project is managed by one of our projects leads, assigned depending on the nature of the manufacturing or educational requirements. This lead with take your project seamlessly through all the various stages of production, as it comes to life often from technical drawings to a high quality, supported solution.


Your unique retrofit solution is implemented.

We work with you to make this process as simple and seamless as possible. Often implementation will involve our lead working onsite to install the solutions they have worked with our team to manufacture, and supporting in the roll out of any back of house infrastructure requirements. We can also assist you with the education and engagement of your team if required.

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