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Australian landfill deposited during your visit


Recoverables in the Campus

Universities are complex spaces which require a diverse range of solutions for each unique space. Effective public place recycling stations are a priority to ensure that transit visitors can easily source separate their waste and recyclables without complete training. Simple strategies such as Australian standard colours and consistent messaging, as well as convenient bin placement in multiple streams can assist to optimise recycling, limit contamination and reduce litter.
Waste Streams Profile
Cans and Bottles
Soft Plastics

Is my Takeaway Coffee Cup Recyclable?

In the hectic morning rush, it’s not unusual to see someone briefly pause over a recycling station, pondering if their takeaway coffee cup is recyclable. It’s no wonder people are confused with....

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The E-Waste Epidemic

Electronic waste (E-Waste) is becoming a key focus for many businesses and councils aiming to further improve their sustainability. When you consider the increasing volumes of e-waste, comparatively low recycling rates and environmental impacts of....

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University of Sunshine Coast – ‘Recycling from the Desktop’ with MultiSorts

We were really proud to have our versatile MultiSort Waste Separation System and Waste Educational Posters selected by the University of Sunshine Coast for their very successful ‘Recycling from the Desktop’ Program.....

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