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Recycling Can

What better way to promote Cans and Bottles Recycling than to complement your existing Landfill bin with a bright, over-size drink can, which is sure to attract attention!

The Recycling Can was initially designed as an eye-catching installation as part of the 10c Container Deposit Schemes, aimed to improve community awareness and recycling rates. Installed in busy public areas, it is also great way for community groups to collect cans and bottles as part of their fundraising programs.

Following the popularity and success of the Recycling Can, a standard recycling option is also available.

Establishing an effective public place recycling program can be challenging. Success is dependent on clearly visible waste options, which immediately educate the user about each recycling stream being collected.

This Recycling Can demands attention, with the effective graphics which are designed by industry experts in Australian Standard waste colours. On closer inspection the compelling Australian recycling facts about single use containers further encourage recycling.

Internally, the Recycling Can features a fully sealed base which minimises the risk of any spills, an important consideration in public places. An internal liner holder hides an 80 Litre Compost-A-Pak® liner, which is completely plastic free and Australian Certified Compostable. Convenient to use, the lid simply lifts off for cleaning or access, and the liner can then be completely removed with the collected cans and bottles. After transportation, the liner can be thrown in with food waste for composting, limiting the use of additional plastic bags, which makes this unit even more sustainable.

Which Recycling Streams should you choose?


Yellow is the Australian Standard colour for Can and Bottles Recycling. Specifically designed as a bright yellow Can, this installation is easily recognisable which increases recycling separation and reduces contamination.

There are many compelling reasons to recycle. As our standard can graphics highlight, a new bottle made from your recycled waste takes approx. 90% less energy to produce, compared to new plastic from raw scarce materials such as oil and gas. A new can made from recycled waste instead of raw materials, saves approx. 40% of the water and 75% of the energy used during manufacturing and reduces the air pollution emitted by 90%.

Which Recycling Can should you choose ?




Product Code
CAN-REC80 Litres
Recycling Can - Recycling Print
CAN-10C80 Litres
10c Refundables
Recycling Can - 10C Refundable
CAN-CUST80 Litres
10c Refundables
Recycling Can - Customised Wrap

Which Recycling Can should you choose?

CAN-REC Recycling Can - Recycling Print
CAN-10C Recycling Can - 10C Refundable
CAN-CUST Recycling Can - Customised Wrap