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Recycling Bag

The reusable Recycling Bag is a great economical solution, which has proven very successful in assisting to educate and encourage waste minimisation behaviours in the community, particularly in multi unit dwellings.

The bags are manufactured from a lightweight polypropylene woven fabric in a striking bright yellow, compliant with Australian standard recycling colours. This durable material ensures the bags are easy to wipe down when soiled. It is also completely recyclable at end of life.

The Recycling Bag features effective written and graphical information on both sides, promoting correct recycling practices. These graphics can be customised.

Designed in a convenient 40.5 Litre capacity, this striking yellow lightweight polypropylene woven bag is an effective solution for collecting and transporting recyclables.

The design includes two sturdy carry handles, and a base handle. This ensures the bag is easy to empty, and hang to dry when washed. A velcro middle seal along the top edge secures the contents, and also assists to make sure the bags are sturdy enough to stand when not in use. Alternatively these flexible bags can also be conveniently folded away.

Available to customise with your logo, the Recycling Bag has proven successful in improving engagement and diversion rates in multi-unit dwelling recycling programs.

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Yellow is the Australian Standard colour for Can and Bottles Recycling, so this bright yellow bag with clear pictorial labels is easily recognisable, which reduces contamination and limits training requirements.

Recycling our limited resources is critical to reduce the environmental impact of landfill sites and reduce the need to source new material through mining and deforestation. Often recycling a resource is also more efficient using less energy than making the same product from raw materials. For example, glass can be recycled infinite times, and by recycling just one glass jar, you can save enough energy to power a fluorescent bulb for 20 hours.

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Product Code
PP-RECB-140.5 Litres
SinglePP Recycling Bag Yellow - Single
PP-RECB-50C40.5 Litres
Carton of 50PP Recycling Bag Yellow - Carton of 50

Which Quantity should you choose?

PP-RECB-1 PP Recycling Bag Yellow - Single
PP-RECB-50C PP Recycling Bag Yellow - Carton of 50