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Paper Recycling Box

The Paper Recycling Box is a great example of close loop recycling.

An attractive, cost effective unit, the Paper Recycling Box is made in Australia from completely recycled content.

Designed to promote office paper recycling, the box is printed with unique artwork which incorporates environmental messages explaining the sustainability benefits of paper recycling. The unit easily sits under a desk, or next to a photocopier, and allows A4 sheets to neatly stack.

A single tree makes approximately 3,000 pieces of A4 paper… or … alternatively it can remain in nature, providing life sustaining oxygen, removing pollutants from the environment, including carbon dioxide, and providing valuable shade for summer picnics. Please choose to recycle paper.

It’s a compelling message promoted as part of the attractive graphic design of our completely recycled, brown Paper Recycle Box. The alternative side reads ‘When you recycle paper, the new sheets are made using approximately 99% less water and 50% less energy than if produced from raw materials. Please choose to recycle paper.’

Why not purchase this recycled solution and assist your team to conveniently join the recycling movement today.

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Paper Recycling Box


Every tonne of paper recycled saves more than 12 trees. These trees could have taken generations to grow, and as a critical part of a delicate ecosystem, they often house and support all types of other animals and plants. Recycling paper is also often more efficient with over 4,000 kilowatts of energy and 30,000 litres of waste being saved for every tonne of paper recycled.

Which Quantity should you choose ?




Product Code
SinglePaper Recycling Box - Single
Carton of 25Paper Recycling Box - Pack Of 25

Which Quantity should you choose?

RBOX-PC Paper Recycling Box - Single
RBOX-PC-P25 Paper Recycling Box - Pack Of 25