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National Park Range Esperance

The National Park Range is different. Rather than industrial designers and manufacturers finalising the design, instead you choose!

Build Your Own Bin and get a solution which meets your unique waste requirements and truly complements your space.

The Esperance unit is a durable solution which provides a solid coloured finish to complement your space. Made to order by our Australian team, each stainless steel panel is powder coated in your choice of colour, and then assembled within the durable frame. This frame can also be powder coated to complement or contrast with your panels. This unit is popular in the Australian Standard waste colours, providing a solution which really stands out in public places, limiting contamination.

The National Park Recycling Bins have been specifically designed to provide you with flexibility, whilst maintaining the best practice waste diversion design features and high quality manufacturing, which make our products so successful.

All units are specifically designed and manufactured with a durable stainless steel frame in Australia, for Australian conditions. The bins house either a 140 or 240 litre MGB, which is easily accessible through the lockable full panel door, ensuring efficient waste collection. The single units can be banked together as a multi-stream station and an indoor option is also available.

We invite you to Build Your Own Bin and design a unique solution for your space.

Browse and select side panels, covers and waste apertures from a vast range of designs and materials. Our extensive panel options include timber, recycled composite panels, full colour graphics, powder coated steel, commercial laminated panels, customised laser cut steel, changeable media panels and transparent Security Bin panels. Can’t quite decide on a design, why not chose a unique combination of finishes.


Which Recycling Streams should you choose?


Red is the Australian Standard colour for waste sent to Landfill and so this National Park Bin with the red top plate will be easily recognised.

The worlds resources are limited. Sending items to Landfill limits the reuse of precious resources, and also creates environmental risks given the toxins, micro-plastics and gases associated with Landfill sites, which can escape into the wider environment. The aim of sustainability programs should be to minimise Landfill streams, and in leading organisations Landfill is eliminated with conscious sustainable ordering practices as well as recycling programs.

Which Esperance Unit should you choose?




Product Code
NPR-140-1S-ESPCC140 LitresPowder Coated SteelCurved CoverEsperance National Park Bin
NPR-140-1S-ESPEC140 LitresPowder Coated SteelEnclosed CoverEsperance National Park Bin
NPR-140-1S-ESPSC140 LitresPowder Coated SteelSloped CoverEsperance National Park Bin
NPR-240-1S-ESPCC240 LitresPowder Coated SteelCurved CoverEsperance National Park Bin
NPR-240-1S-ESPEC240 LitresPowder Coated SteelEnclosed CoverEsperance National Park Bin
NPR-240-1S-ESPSC240 LitresPowder Coated SteelSloped CoverEsperance National Park Bin

Which Esperance Unit should you choose?

NPR-140-1S-ESPCC Esperance National Park Bin
NPR-140-1S-ESPEC Esperance National Park Bin
NPR-140-1S-ESPSC Esperance National Park Bin
NPR-240-1S-ESPCC Esperance National Park Bin
NPR-240-1S-ESPEC Esperance National Park Bin
NPR-240-1S-ESPSC Esperance National Park Bin