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MultiSort Trolley

The MultiSort Recycling system features best practice waste diversion features and is proven to increase recycling and reduce contamination in offices and public spaces.

Designed and made in Australia, these Trolleys are ideal to minimise manual handling and ensure the MultiSort system can be managed effectively as waste and recyclables are collected and transported for consolidation.

There are two MultiSort Trolleys to select from, a single steel unit or a larger four bay unit, both of which are designed for commercial use to transport the 60 or 90 litre MultiSort base units.

Our MultiSort Trolleys ensure managing multiple waste and recycling streams is as simple and cost effective as possible.

The Four Bay Trolley is manufactured in ABS with a 304# Stainless Steel base plate and powdercoated bar and handle. The powdercoated lead bar provides stability and safe manoeuvrability, and the convenient tall handle allows ergonomic handling. Two of the four commercial grade casters can be also be locked so the unit can be used as a stationary recycling station, minimising any storing requirements.

The MultiSort Single Trolley is manufactured for commercial use in stainless steel. The unit has four commercial grade casters, two of which can be locked. The trolley provides a snug fit for a 60 or 90 Litre base, and once in place, the base top rim can be used to easily manoeuvre the trolley. This flexible single unit also locks together via optional steel brackets, which doubles, or triples the capacity if required. This stainless steel trolley is a great solution in busy wet areas such as kitchens.

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Red is the Australian Standard colour for waste sent to Landfill and so this red system with clear pictorial labels is easily recognisable, which reduces contamination and limits training requirements. Red bases are also available for an even brighter system.

The worlds resources are limited. Sending items to Landfill limits the reuse of precious resources, and also creates environmental risks given the toxins, micro-plastics and gases associated with Landfill sites, which can escape into the wider environment. The aim of sustainability programs should be to minimise Landfill streams, and in leading organisations Landfill is eliminated with conscious sustainable ordering practices as well as recycling programs.

Which MultiSort Trolley should you choose ?




Product Code
Fits one 60 or 90 Litre MultiSort'sSingleSingle Bay Multisort Trolley
Fits four 60 or 90 Litre MultiSort'sSingle4 Bay Multisort Trolley

Which MultiSort Trolley should you choose?

MS-TROL-1SS Single Bay Multisort Trolley
MS-TROL-4BAY 4 Bay Multisort Trolley