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Louvre Steel

The Louvre Stainless Steel unit is an effective and durable recycling station with an attractive modern streamline design.

This system integrates a number of best practice recycling features, including differentiated apertures and Australian Standard waste colours. As a result, the system has proven very successful in increasing recycling in a range of busy public places including airport terminals, 5-star reception areas, and even world-renowned racecourses.

The standard Louvre Recycling Station is available in a dual or triple stream design. The stainless steel top plate features laser cut differentiated apertures, which are then coloured and labelled with a direct steel print. This printing technology provides a durable finish, and ensures each separate recycling stream is easily identifiable, minimising contamination. A logo or specific waste items and instructions can be added to this design, or alternatively you can work with our designers to create a unique top plate designed specifically to meet your aesthetic requirements and waste goals.

The standard base of the unit is manufactured in 304#4 Stainless Steel, making it highly durable and easy to maintain. This steel base can also be customised with a full colour door print, or alternatively we can add a modern manufactured stone surround which can include your logo.

The Louvre Recycling Station houses either two or three 60 Litre MultiSort bases which are accessed through the lockable front panel door.

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Landfill, Recycling

This top plate is specially designed to reduce contamination by making each recycling stream easily identifiable. The system utilises the Australian Standard Waste colours, red for Landfill and Yellow for Recycling, as well as differentiated aperture symbols, diamond for Landfill and a circle for Recycling. Text and graphic labels are then printed around each stream.

Which Louvre should you choose ?




Product Code
LOUV-2S-SS120 Litres
Diamond and CircleLouvre Dual Stream Station-Stainless Steel
LOUV-3S-SS180 Litres
Diamond, Circle and SlotLouvre Triple Stream Station-Stainless Steel

Which Louvre should you choose?

LOUV-2S-SS Louvre Dual Stream Station-Stainless Steel
LOUV-3S-SS Louvre Triple Stream Station-Stainless Steel