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Kitchen Caddy

This Kitchen Caddy is specifically designed, printed and manufactured in Australia, for Australian families. Reflecting our team’s commitment to the circular economy, the unit is manufactured from at least 80% Post-Consumer Recycled Content, usually collected from the contents of council roadside collection bins.

Building on proven conventional caddy designs, this Kitchen Caddy is packed with new features including an in-mould lid label, which revolutionises educational messages.

At Source Separation Systems we believe small actions can change the world and so, we are passionate about inspiring Australian families to live more sustainably. This Kitchen Caddy has proven successful in improving organics waste diversion in many council Food Organics, Garden Organics (FOGO) programs.

In Australia, approximately half of household waste is organic. As such, a successful council organics diversion program can have a significant impact in reducing community landfill rates, however the key to success is education.

This Kitchen Caddy builds upon the proven success of our previous conventional caddy. The convenient 7 Litre unit still features the popular single sturdy carry handle, and lockable, snap fitting lid, which flips back to create a full opening for plate scraping. In addition, the new version features a rear mounting tab, so the unit can be attached to a wall or under-sink door, and venting channels, which makes it much easier to remove the liner and waste.

Most significantly, in an industry first, improved technology enables a full colour flyer to be inserted into the caddy lid during manufacture. As a result, educational messages are permanently embedded under the plastic ensuring they are resistant to scratching or fading. It’s an educational reminder for users every time they divert their food waste.

Our standard unit is made with at least 80% Post Consumer Recycled Content. We regularly work with Councils on unique FOGO designs, with a range of custom coloured caddies available to be manufactured in Australia from up to 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Content.

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Over half of the average Australian household’s waste is food waste. In fact, the average family throws out approximately 1 of every 5 bags of food they purchase. Diverting this waste from landfill to either home composters or commercial composting facilities can have significant environmental benefits, with the resulting nutrients from food breaking down into compost, which can be used to nourish the soil for future crops or community gardens.

Alternatively, when such precious organic matter is simply thrown away with other mixed waste, the resulting Landfill sites can emit air pollution including methane gas which is linked to global warming, as well as causing soil and water pollution impacting on local plants and animals.

Our Kitchen Caddy system is proven successful in supporting the communities to divert their food waste to be composted. Convenient with guided educational instructions, the solution is recycling just as nature intended.

Which Kitchen Caddy should you choose ?


Base Color



Product Code
KCAD-7-ORG7 Litres
Woodland Grey
All Organics PrintSingleKitchen Caddy w/ All Organics Print
KCAD-7-EMD7 Litres
Woodland Grey
Excl. Meat and Dairy PrintSingleKitchen Caddy w/ Excl. Meat and Dairy Print
KCAD-7-NP7 Litres
Woodland Grey
No PrintSingleKitchen Caddy w/ No Print
KCAD-7-CPK7 Litres
Woodland Grey
Compost-A-Pak® PrintSingleKitchen Caddy w/ Compost-A-Pak® Print
KCAD-7-ORG-28C7 Litres
Woodland Grey
All Organics PrintCarton of 28Kitchen Caddy w/ All Organics Print
KCAD-7-EMD-28C7 Litres
Woodland Grey
Excl. Meat and Dairy PrintCarton of 28Kitchen Caddy w/ Excl. Meat and Dairy Print
KCAD-7-NP-28C7 Litres
Woodland Grey
No PrintCarton of 28Kitchen Caddy w/ No Print
KCAD-7-CPK-28C7 Litres
Woodland Grey
Compost-A-Pak® PrintCarton of 28Kitchen Caddy w/ Compost-A-Pak® Print

Which Kitchen Caddy should you choose?

KCAD-7-ORG Kitchen Caddy w/ All Organics Print
KCAD-7-EMD Kitchen Caddy w/ Excl. Meat and Dairy Print
KCAD-7-NP Kitchen Caddy w/ No Print
KCAD-7-CPK Kitchen Caddy w/ Compost-A-Pak® Print
KCAD-7-ORG-28C Kitchen Caddy w/ All Organics Print
KCAD-7-EMD-28C Kitchen Caddy w/ Excl. Meat and Dairy Print
KCAD-7-NP-28C Kitchen Caddy w/ No Print