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Easy Bin

This convenient, ergonomically designed unit ensures your waste practices, from waste diversion to final collection, are simply ‘easy’.

The Easy Bin is manufactured to the highest standards and has been specifically designed for organic food waste collection and diversion, with features including a lockable throwback top lid, and durable back wheels.

Worldwide the proven system has million of units in use for council food waste programs, and is also a popular choice for shopping centre food courts and high street retail outlets

The Easy Bin has a relatively small footprint, yet with a capacity of 47 Litres, the unit is a convenient size for weekly domestic organic collections or commercial kitchens.

An ergonomic design, the unit features a base handle, upper rim side handles and a wide bottom grip, as well as two heavy duty wheels. This ensures the unit is easy to use for source separation, transportation and collection.

When in use, the close fitting ‘throwback’ hinge lid allows the unit to remain open when in constant use. When closed the secure latch allows the system to be left outside in all weather conditions and prevents pests from accessing the contents or odours escaping.

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Easy Bin


Approximately half of household waste sent to landfills in Australia consists of organics. Diverting this waste from landfill to either home composters or commercial composting facilities can have significant environmental benefits. The nutrients from food breaks down into compost which can be used to nourish the soil for future crops, or community gardens.

Alternatively, when such precious organic matter is simply thrown away with other mixed waste, the resulting Landfill sites can emit air pollution including methane gas which is linked to global warming, as well as causing soil and water pollution impacting on local plants and animals.

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EB47L-BLKG47 Litres
Easy Bin

Which Easy Bin should you choose?

EB47L-BLKG Easy Bin