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E-Waste Station

The E-Waste Bin has been designed as a corporate solution to both consolidate the collection of common E-Waste items, and importantly, educate users about what should be recycled.

E-Waste is Australia’s fastest growing waste segment with a comparably low recycling rate. This is alarming considering the risk of E-Waste when buried in landfill, and the fact that over 90% of many E-Waste products can be recycled.

Often customised by our industry experts in partnership with customers, this E-Waste Bin is both an effective educational statement and collection solution to address the growing challenge of E-Waste in corporate spaces and communities.

The E-Waste Bin is an attractive modern cabinet, which can be customised to your waste stream requirements and educational program.

The unit features an Acrylic top plate, which incorporates best practice waste diversion features. Full colour graphics printed around the differentiated apertures provide images of common E-Waste items, which not only make sure it’s easy to correctly separate items, but also ensure users are educated about what else can be recycled.

Each aperture drops into its own internal collection unit. There are a number of top plate options available for different E-Waste stream combinations including Batteries, Keyboards, Cords & Mouses, Printer Cartridges, VHS Tapes, Discs, Bulbs and Mobiles Phones.

The base cabinetry is manufactured in Polytec Commercial Melamine. There is a standard choice between the modern ‘Graphite’, the classic ‘Soft Walnut’ or the textured ‘Black Wenge’, or alternatively the base cabinetry can be chosen to complement your specific space. The base cabinetry can also be customised to include full colour Vinyl Signs, which can be added to the door panels and side panels to further promote your sustainability program.

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Plate One Design

E-Waste has emerged as one of our fastest growing waste streams, however alarmingly only about 10% is recovered or recycled. The true extent of this issue is apparent when you consider there are actually more unused phones in Australia than people!

E-Waste and batteries include components made from various precious metals. These metals are non-renewable and some are quite scarce, meaning that we expect the known stocks to be exhausted within our generation. When placed in Landfill, not only are these resources lost, as they breakdown some of the minerals and toxins leach into the surrounding ecosystem creating environmental risks.

We believe the solution to this challenge lies in sustainable purchasing, effective collection facilities such as this E-Waste Station, and importantly, improved community education.

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Product Code
EWASTEP1150 Litres
Mobile Phones, Batteries, Printer Cartridges, E-WasteE-Waste Station Plate Design 1
EWASTEP2150 Litres
Mobile Phones, Batteries, VHS Tapes, CD's & DVD'SE-Waste Station Plate Design 2
EWASTEP3180 Litres
Batteries, Printer Cartridges, Mobile PhonesE-Waste Station Plate Design 3
EWASTEP4150 Litres
Mobile Phones, Batteries, VHS Tapes, E-WasteE-Waste Station Plate Design 4
EWASTEP5150 Litres
Light Globes & CFL'S, Batteries, Mobile Phones, Printer CartridgesE-Waste Station Plate Design 5
EWASTEP6180 Litres
Batteries, Printer Cartridges, E-WasteE-Waste Station Plate Design 6

Which E-Waste Station should you choose?

EWASTEP1 E-Waste Station Plate Design 1
EWASTEP2 E-Waste Station Plate Design 2
EWASTEP3 E-Waste Station Plate Design 3
EWASTEP4 E-Waste Station Plate Design 4
EWASTEP5 E-Waste Station Plate Design 5
EWASTEP6 E-Waste Station Plate Design 6