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Composter Bin

The secret is out… Gardening is not only a great way to connect with the environment, with studies proving it has health benefits, reduces stress, and generally makes people happy!

This Composter Bin is a great addition to community, school and home gardens. It is designed to improve sustainability, enabling organic garden and kitchen waste to be diverted from landfill and transformed into top quality, nutrient rich compost, which will help gardens thrive. Considering almost half of household waste is organic, with higher rates in schools, composting can have a significant environmental benefits.

As an example of closed loop recycling, composting as part of a community garden is an effective way to support the curriculum and get students thinking about how to optimize the Earth’s limited resources.

The Composter Bin is a 220 Litre unit designed for domestic household use. Available as a kit, it is delivered flat-packed to ensure cost-effective shipping and storage. Manufactured from lightweight and durable plastic, the unit ‘snaps’ together in a very simple and quick assembly process. The Composter Bin is best placed in a sunny garden position, on exposed ground.

The convenient unit features a hinged lid at the top, which swings right back to allow kitchen scraps and garden waste to be easily inserted, including grass clippings from a mower catcher. Once processed, the compost can be easily accessed via a large sliding hatch at the base of the unit. This nutrient rich compost can then be used around the garden to assist with water retention and soil quality.

It is recommended that the Composter Bin be used in partnership with the Kitchen Caddy and Compost-A-Pak® liners. These products are proven to increase household participation rates, given they improve the convenience of organic waste diversion.

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Approximately half of household waste sent to landfills in Australia consists of organics. Diverting this waste from Landfill to either home composters such as this unit, or commercial composting facilities can have significant environmental benefits. When composted, the nutrients from food, along with other material such as green waste or compostable bags, break down into compost which can be used to nourish the soil for future crops, or community gardens.

Alternatively, when such precious organic matter is simply thrown away with other mixed waste, the resulting Landfill sites can emit air pollution including methane gas which is linked to global warming, as well as causing soil and water pollution impacting on local plants and animals.

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Product Code
CC-220L220 Litres
Flat Pack KitComposter Bin 220 Litre Flat Pack Kit

Which Composter Bin should you choose?

CC-220L Composter Bin 220 Litre Flat Pack Kit