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Compostable Bin Covers

An extension of our industry leading Compost-A-Pak® range, these Compost-A-Pak® Bin Covers are designed sit over a standard 240L MGB, transforming the Wheelie Bins into effective triple or dual stream recycling stations for festivals and events.

Recycling at such events can be notoriously difficult, given the transient visitors and various waste types. Designed by industry experts in Australian standard colours, these covers use written and graphic educational messages to promote contamination free recycling. Although designed as a disposable solution, the event covers can be washed and used for multiple events. The soy-based printing can be also customised with the addition of logos, and modified educational messages tailored to your unique event or identified contamination risks.

Available in three key waste streams, for Landfill, Recycling and Organic Waste, these cost-effective disposable covers are Australian Certified compostable – a truly sustainable alternative!

Compost-A-Pak®’s manufacturing processes are driven by our passion for sustainability.

All Compost-A-Pak® products are made from a natural starch-based polymer derived from corn. We choose corn, as it is an annually renewable crop, unlike trees, which can take years to grow. The actual crops are sourced from international GMO-free regions with high levels of rain, to minimise irrigation, and the corn selected is third grade corn. This is basically spoilt corn, a waste product traditionally left by farmers to rot, that is not suitable for human or animal consumption.

Using purpose built biodegradable resin extruders, a resin is extracted from the combination of corn starch, biodegradable ingredients and some propriety elements and from this a non-woven material is manufactured. We are extremely proud that through re-engineering this purpose-built equipment, this material is made with significantly less electricity consumption, compared to manufacturing on conventional extrusion equipment. The products are coloured and printed in soy based inks, with environmental messages and information promoting their difference as a sustainable alternative to plastics. They are then sewn using cotton.

In the same way as vegetable scraps, the products in their entirety will break down into humus, water and carbon dioxide in a commercial composting facility in a matter of weeks. These certifications ensure you can be confident there will be no harmful residue as the liners break down. In fact, the bags are also safe for use in organic farms, food contact, animal feed and can also be also used in worm farms.

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Ensuring end to end waste collection processes are streamlined, simple and efficient at festivals and events is an essential part of ensuring your recycling program is optimised and free from contamination.

These compostable Bin Covers are manufactured in bright Red, the Australian Standard colour for waste sent to Landfill, and are printed clearly with ‘LANDFILL’ with pictorials. They are the perfect way to differentiate your Landfill waste from precious recyclables as they are collected and transported to consolidated bins for collection.

The worlds resources are limited. Sending items to Landfill limits the reuse of precious resources, and also creates environmental risks given the toxins, micro-plastics and gases associated with Landfill sites, which can escape into the wider environment. The aim of sustainability programs should be to minimise Landfill streams, and in leading organisations Landfill is eliminated with conscious sustainable ordering practices, such as compostable liners, as well as recycling programs.

Which Compostable Bin Cover should you choose?





Product Code
BCVR-LAN240 Litres
SingleCompost-A-Pak® Bin Cover - Landfill
BCVR-ORG240 Litres
SingleCompost-A-Pak® Bin Cover - Organics
BCVR-REC240 Litres
SingleCompost-A-Pak® Bin Cover - Recycle
BCVR-LAN-40C240 Litres
CartonCompost-A-Pak® Bin Cover Carton- Landfill
BCVR-ORG-40C240 Litres
CartonCompost-A-Pak® Bin Cover Carton - Organics
BCVR-REC-40C240 Litres
CartonCompost-A-Pak® Bin Cover Carton- Recycle

Which Compostable Bin Cover should you choose?

BCVR-LAN Compost-A-Pak® Bin Cover - Landfill
BCVR-ORG Compost-A-Pak® Bin Cover - Organics
BCVR-REC Compost-A-Pak® Bin Cover - Recycle
BCVR-LAN-40C Compost-A-Pak® Bin Cover Carton- Landfill
BCVR-ORG-40C Compost-A-Pak® Bin Cover Carton - Organics
BCVR-REC-40C Compost-A-Pak® Bin Cover Carton- Recycle