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In Australia, the majority of us start the morning with a coffee. It is a habit many of us love, including the addicted team at Source Separation Systems, however the downside to Australia’s addiction is that approximately three billion takeaway coffee cups are placed in bins annually, which often contaminate recycling streams.

The highly visible, fun Coffee Cup Separation Station has been designed to address the litter risks associated with this waste, and ensure lids, cups and liquid are all cleanly separated into individual streams, making it easier to recycle more components, if the technology is available.

The Coffee Cup Separation Station was initially designed as an eye-catching installation, to improve community awareness around single use takeaway coffee cups. When placed alongside busy recycling stations in public areas such as coffee shops, in busy shopping precincts, building foyers and at lift lobbies, it’s a great way to limit the possibility of the dreaded take away coffee cup ending up as contamination in traditional recycling streams, and increase the opportunity for recycling.

Internally, the Coffee Cup Separation Station features a fully sealed base which minimises the risk of any spills, an important consideration in public places. An internal frame hides two 80 Litre Compost-A-Pak® liners, one for the cups and one for the recyclable lids. These liners are completely plastic free and Australian Certified Compostable (AS4736). A 7 litre Kitchen Caddy held in the frame captures any excess liquid.

Customised units have also been used successfully to promote specific recycling programs as well as reusable cup swap programs.

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Coffee Cup Station

Coffee Cups

It is estimated Australians use 3 billion disposable coffee cups each year, which is staggering.

Using standard technology, the lids are usually recyclable, however the cups are not recyclable, given their waxed coating. These cups are often incorrectly placed in recyclable streams, which can contaminate an entire stream of recyclables, resulting in such precious resources ending up in landfill. The Coffee Station can play a really important role in separating streams to optimise your recyclables and limit contamination.

In spaces in which unique cups are used or unique technology is available to recycle cups, the separate streams optimise recycling.

The Coffee Stations can also be customised for reusable cup programs. Such innovative programs have even better environmental outcomes given the reuse of cups and lids, which are washed each day.

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Coffee Cups
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Coffee Cups
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Which Coffee Cup should you choose?

COFFEE Coffee Cup Separation System
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