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Bulk E-Waste Station

At some stage, most Australian households store potentially hazardous materials such as batteries, paints, chemicals, and gas bottles. Whilst these items are restricted from Roadside Collection, the EPA and Local Councils are increasingly encouraging residents to attend Community Recycling Centres. These centres ensure this problem waste can be safely deposited, and where possible, recycled.

As community awareness and demand increases, the efficiency of these centres is key.

The Bulk E-waste Station is designed for Community Recycling Centres to provide clear diversion streams for smaller problem waste items, which can then be efficiently managed with minimal manual handling.

The Bulk E-Waste Station was initially designed in partnership with one of Australia’s busiest Community Recycling Centres.

Challenged for space with significantly increasing demand, the operational team were really impressed with the increased efficiency they achieved after installation.

The Bulk E-waste Station is designed as a durable and effective way to separate and organise the collection of smaller e-waste items such as Batteries, Printer Cartridges, Smoke Alarms, Globes etc. During community drop off, the station highlights and neatly organises selected streams, with coloured apertures and full graphic panels reinforcing the EPA messaging. These features minimise contamination.

In the operational space, the durable stainless-steel units can be easily accessed from the open rear, with new wheelie bins being quickly put in place during peak demand periods with minimal manual handling. The recoverables are then neatly stored in MGBs for later collection and recycling.

The Bulk E-waste Station is available in either a 140 or 240 Litre housing, with two or three streams. Each stream can be customised with EPA or unique graphics.

E-waste is one of Australia’s fastest growing waste streams, and this unit is an effective way to manage collection with the aim to optimise recovery.

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Resource recovery is optimised if the material can be collected in a single clean stream, without contamination.

The Bulk E-Waste Station achieves this with customisable units which can be tailored to the specific collection streams required. The recyclables are conveniently stored in MGBs. Depending on the streams, items can be disassembled into components and materials such as lead, acid, mercury, and plastic are recovered and recycled.  Alternatively, materials can be used as fuel as part of waste to energy programs.

Which Bulk E-Waste Station should you choose ?




Product Code
BES-240-2STREAM480 Litres
Dual StreamBulk E-Waste Dual Station
BES-240-3STREAM720 Litres
Triple StreamBulk E-Waste Triple Station
BES-140-2STREAM240 Litres
Dual Stream Bulk E-Waste Dual Station
BES-140-3STREAM420 Litres
Triple StreamBulk E-Waste Triple Station

Which Bulk E-Waste Station should you choose?

BES-240-2STREAM Bulk E-Waste Dual Station
BES-240-3STREAM Bulk E-Waste Triple Station
BES-140-2STREAM Bulk E-Waste Dual Station
BES-140-3STREAM Bulk E-Waste Triple Station