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Bin Covers

When you are managing crowds, it is even more important to plan for sustainable waste management.

These effective Bin Covers provide a flexible and cost-effective option to expand your recycling infrastructure and minimise litter.

Easy to use, they ensure your guests can focus on enjoying your event. Equally convenient for Event Managers, the durable polypropylene material slips easily over standard 240 Litre Wheelie Bins, providing a durable, stain resistant cover, which can then be rinsed and wiped clean, folded and stored for your next event.

Designed by industry experts to be an effective, durable and sophisticated option, these Bin Covers are a popular option for corporate events, exhibition centres, and outdoor festivals and markets.

Manufactured in a lightweight polypropylene woven fabric, a material known for its strength and stain resistance, these covers transform standard 240 Litre Wheelie Bins into modern dual stream recycling stations. A sleek modern black design, the range includes a Landfill and Recycling design each with bold text and common waste items symbols in Australian Standard waste colours on the four panels and around the apertures.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor events, the covers simply need to be rinsed or wiped with a gentle diluted detergent and dried after use, and can be then folded and stored for future events.

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Ensuring end to end waste collection processes are streamlined, simple and efficient at festivals and events is an essential part of ensuring your recycling program is optimised and free from contamination.

These Bin Covers are manufactured in a black lightweight polypropylene woven fabric, with the text and graphics reflected in the Australian Standard colour for Landfill. They are the perfect way to differentiate your Landfill waste from precious recyclables as they are separated and transported to consolidated bins for collection.

The worlds resources are limited. Sending items to Landfill limits the reuse of precious resources, and also creates environmental risks given the toxins, micro-plastics and gases associated with Landfill sites, which can escape into the wider environment. The aim of sustainability programs should be to minimise Landfill. In leading organisations Landfill is in fact eliminated with conscious sustainable ordering practices, such as Compostable Bin Liners, as well as reuse and recycling programs.

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Product Code
BCVR-LAN-PP240 Litres
Landfill Text and Waste SymbolsBin Cover - Landfill
BCVR-REC-PP240 Litres
Recycling Text and Waste SymbolsBin Cover - Recycling

Which Bin Cover should you choose?

BCVR-LAN-PP Bin Cover - Landfill
BCVR-REC-PP Bin Cover - Recycling