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Aussie Beach Bin

Hot sand between your toes, wild salty hair, sunburnt noses… the Aussie Beach can be a uniquely fun, but hostile environment. That’s why, between way too many trips to the beach for “site assessments”, the team at Source Separation Systems have leveraged their unique expertise in waste diversion, to design a new public place bin designed specifically for the Australian coastline.

The Aussie Beach Bin is an effective unit, which houses 240 Litre MGB Bins. Made in Australia from Aluminium, this unit has been designed with several unique features to ensure durability.

Designed inhouse by our industry experts, the Aussie Beach Bin is manufactured in our factory in Newcastle, NSW by Glen and his team.

This unit is built from aluminium, making it a robust solution for coastal environments. Housing standard 240 Litre Wheelie Bins, the wall panels of the enclosure are fixed to the ground, with the longer panels bolted and reinforced with silicone during installation. This feature minimises litter in coastal areas which are typically associated with high winds, as smaller waste items are unable to escape from the base. It also reduces the build-up of sand from within the unit, ensuring the internal bins remain easily accessible. The limited air flow created by the sealed base also minimises the risk of fire, by reducing the amount of oxygen feeding any potential flames from the base.

The Aussie Beach Bin is available in a standard Landfill and Recycling design, with other streams including Organics available on order. The Landfill unit is available with an optional ashtray, which allows butts to be extinguished and then deposited into a separate compartment within the frame. Butts are then conveniently transferred to the Landfill MGB on collection.

Specifically engineered and manufactured for durability, the panels are constructed with a dual sheet design for strength, with the powder-coated outer panel individually replaceable if damage does occur, which adds to the longevity of the solution. These interchangeable panels can also be vinyl wrapped, transforming the bins into information hubs for the promotion of community events and messages.

Which Recycling Streams should you choose?


About two thirds of all waste sent to landfills in Australia consists of organics and so installing a full source separation solution will ensure you achieve maximum landfill diversion in public places.

In a commercial composting facility, the precious nutrients from green waste and food scraps will break down into compost within a few weeks, just as nature intended. This valuable compost can be used to nourish the soil for future crops or community gardens. Alternatively, when simply thrown away with other mixed waste, the resulting Landfill sites can emit air pollution including methane gas which is linked to global warming, as well as causing soil and water pollution.

Which Aussie Beach Bin should you choose ?




Product Code
BB-240-LAN240 Litres
Aussie Beach Bin Landfill 240 Litre
BB-240-LANASH240 Litres
Aussie Beach Bin Landfill with Ashtray 240 Litre
BB-240-REC240 Litres
Aussie Beach Bin Recycling 240 Litre
BB-240-ORG240 Litres
Aussie Beach Bin Organics 240 Litre

Which Aussie Beach Bin should you choose?

BB-240-LAN Aussie Beach Bin Landfill 240 Litre
BB-240-LANASH Aussie Beach Bin Landfill with Ashtray 240 Litre
BB-240-REC Aussie Beach Bin Recycling 240 Litre
BB-240-ORG Aussie Beach Bin Organics 240 Litre