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Battery Recycling Tube

It’s no surprise that the Battery Recycling Tube is such a popular unit, when you consider that E-waste is currently growing at three times the rate of general landfill in Australia.

The Battery Tube is an effective solution to encourage the responsible disposal of batteries and small E-waste items, such as phones, in busy commercial spaces. Available as a counter top solution in a 5 Litre capacity, or standing floor unit in either 10 Litre or 20 Litre capacity, the innovative, transparent design effectively attracts E-waste, whilst minimising contamination.

The Battery Recycling Tube features a unique transparent tube, deliberately designed to stand out in public areas, encouraging responsible battery or E-waste disposal. The transparent nature of the tube not only reinforces its use but also dramatically reduces contamination as the contents deposited are clearly visible.

There are three sizes available, a short 5 Litre Unit designed to sit on a counter, and two taller units designed to stand on the floor providing either 10 or 20 Litres of capacity. In all sizes, the transparent cylinder sits within a solid, stable base, and includes a restricted top aperture, which can be locked with an optional padlock. The restricted aperture also features a large hinged lid to assist with emptying. The largest 20 litre unit is designed with two handles to assist with the manual handling of larger waste volumes.

The larger Battery Recycling Tube is also used effectively for a number of mobile phone collection programs. A ‘Mobile Phone Recycling’ educational sign is available on request to replace the standard ‘Battery Recycling’ sign.

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Battery Recycling Tube


Australians love technology, and as a result, E-Waste has emerged as one of our fastest growing waste streams. Alarmingly however, only about 10% is recovered or recycled. The true extent of this issue is apparent when you consider there are actually more unused phones in Australia than people!

E-Waste and batteries include components made from various precious metals. These metals are non-renewable and some are quite scarce, meaning that we expect the known stocks to be exhausted within our generation. When placed in Landfill, not only are these resources lost, as they breakdown some of the minerals and toxins leach into the surrounding ecosystem creating environment risks.

This Battery Tube is a highly effective way to promote and collect small E-waste items without contamination, for recycling.

Which Battery Recycling Tube should you choose ?




Product Code
BAT-5LTBLK5 Litres
Counter TopBattery Recycling Tube Transparent Counter Unit
BAT-10LTBLK10 Litres
FloorBattery Recycling Tube Transparent Floor Unit
BAT-20LTBLK20 Litres
FloorBattery Recycling Tube Transparent Floor Unit

Which Battery Recycling Tube should you choose?

BAT-5LTBLK Battery Recycling Tube Transparent Counter Unit
BAT-10LTBLK Battery Recycling Tube Transparent Floor Unit
BAT-20LTBLK Battery Recycling Tube Transparent Floor Unit