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November 08, 2013

Dog Poop – The Environmental Solution

Dog poop…

Not everyone’s favourite topic, however with 36% of households in Australia owning a dog it’s an often raised topic.

So who’s turn is it to pick it up the dog waste in the backyard?

What about at the dog park?

Or when walking Fido on the streets?’

These are the challenges many of us face, particularly given in many parts of Australia it is actually illegal to leave your dog’s waste behind on the neighbour’s nice green lawn, or at the park.

Here at Source Separation Systems we are committed to making waste management as convenient as possible. Our Compost-A-Pooch dispenser and liners are an easy, safe and compostable alternative to the regular plastic bag.

Set up in local dog parks and neighbourhood streets the Compost-A-Pooch is aesthetically pleasing, while still easily accessed for use and maintenance. No longer will you be stuck at the dog park or in your street wondering how you will cover up the doggy doo.

Just grab a Compost-A-Pooch liner and you are ready to tackle anything your dog leaves for you.